Jewish Talk Radio

For the Pacific Northwest

What do you get when a Rabbi starts shmoozing?  You get Shmooze RadioTM  - Jewish Talk Radio for the Pacific Northwest.  Shmooze Radio is a lively one-hour show hosted by Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky and provides Jewish and non-Jewish listeners thought provoking discussions and insights into many different topics. 

This is not a typical talk show where hosts berate callers or force their views on the audience. The show captures the feeling of friends and family gathered around a table shmoozing together with lively discussions intermixed with meaningful pearls of wisdom, stories and humor that make for memorable times. 

The essence of Shmooze Radio is its unique ability to draw you in, sit you down with a hot cup of coffee and a piece of cake, and make you feel like part of the show. The show is about both having fun and educating through an open forum, delving into current issues that relate to science, news, medicine, family, life cycles and spiritualty from a Jewish perspective.

Shmooze Radio is broadcast live every Tuesday at 2:00 PM on KKNW AM 1150. Shows are archived and available on our website,, so listeners can enjoy the show by downloading or by Podcast when it fits their schedule as well as share the experience with friends and family around the world.

Shmooze Radio is a project of the “Chai Center of Greater Seattle” and serves the public as a non-profit tax-deductible organization.  The purpose of Shmmoze Radio is to provide a resource for Jewish arts and literature and a forum for cultural and intellectual discussion.  So listen, learn and be inspired.  “If you’re NOT Shmoozing you’re Losing!”