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Therapy Dogs At Sunday Circle

The Friendship Circle of Washington thanks our partnership with Staypineapple for Sponsoring the Therapy Dog Program. 

The benefits of therapy dogs are wide-reaching and span from helping lower blood pressure to providing companionship and diminishing feelings of isolation. Therapy dogs also act as a calming sensory outlet, which many of the children we serve crave. We recognized the potential power in having specially trained therapy dogs present at Friendship Circle programming and set out to partner with an organization that could provide this service.

Since bringing therapy dogs and puppies into Sunday Circles, we have noticed a marked difference in the demeanor of our participants. Having this calming, sensory outlet right there at programming is an incredible asset to our participants with special needs, helping them remain engaged in programming in order to receive the most from our services.

About Staypineapple:

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Staypineapple represents a brand of 10 privately owned and managed hotels across the country. Focused on thoughtful service and design with an uncanny knack for anticipating needs, the dog-obsessed brand wholeheartedly embraces the pineapple’s symbol of hospitality and joy.  Why stay ordinary when you can Staypineapple?