Virtual Mitzvah Volunteer Program (MVP)



We've moved MVP series online, so your teen can still receive the training they need to become an FC volunteer! The Friendship Circle Mitzvah Volunteer Program (MVP) engages 6th and 7th grade youth in volunteerism and community involvement in a meaningful hands-on way. Volunteering with The Friendship Circle is a serious, year-long commitment, one that younger teens are generally not ready to make.

The MVP Program enables these youth to be positively involved in their community but it requires less of a time commitment. MVP youth receive sensitivity and general volunteer training, preparing them to become active community members and full-fledged FC volunteers. At the end of their training, MVP youth use what they have learned to plan a special community event for Friendship Circle families and volunteers.


All 6th and 7th grade youth must go through MVP in order to begin volunteering with Friendship Circle.


Through MVP you will learn:

o Appropriate conduct when volunteering .

o The importance of giving back to the community.

o Critical skills to effectively volunteer with children with special needs

o You will help coordinate and plan a culminating event for children with

special needs and their families where you will have a hands-on

volunteer experience.


Participants must:

o Attend 4 meetings (1.5 hours each).

o Help plan, coordinate and volunteer at a family fun event. 




   Spring 2021 Dates:


Wednesday's - 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 

March 3rd

March 10th

March 17th

March 24th


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