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17 Fun Tips for Summer Language Building


Summer Language LearningSchool’s out for the summer!  Now what?

Summer vacation can be trying for parents, especially those with special needs children.  Although the break offers great opportunities for fun, relaxation and bonding, there is a lot of time to be filled and even the most prepared parents sometimes run low on ideas.

Keep in mind that summer presents a great opportunity for learning and language stimulation.  Here are a few language-rich suggestions to make your child’s summer fun and stimulating.

Get your child ready for camp

Preparedness is essential for a smooth transition to camp.  Many children experience difficulties with schedule changes and new transitions.

1. Try to visit the camp and… Read More »

Feeling the Miracles


Full disclosure: my husband, Rob Jacobs, and daughter, Sophie Rittenberg, have attended the annual Friendship Circle dinner for the past several years. Each time they’ve come home and told me what a wonderful evening I’d missed. The space was “cool,” the food was good, there was time to catch up with friends and of course, that they were there to support a tremendous organization goes without saying. I’d wanted to go but with my teen and in-house babysitter otherwise engaged, I missed out.

Initially I hadn’t planned to attend this year but my daughter implored, “Eema, I’m going to be in the video so you have to come see it.” So I did.


Now I can honestly say two things… Read More »

Teen Scene Friendship Circle Expands!

This year I had the opportunity to get involved with The Friendship Circle and be a part of a program that is making a difference in the lives of countless people in our Seattle community. As a Repair the World intern at Hillel UW, I worked with Chana and Esther to create a monthly Teen Scene program, bringing together high school and college aged volunteers to plan and run activities with our friends at The Friendship Circle. Each month we would come together at Hillel for an evening of fun games, arts and crafts, and dinner all while building new friendships.

     Our programs created a more inclusive environment for our friends with special needs and an opportunity for our volunteers to be a… Read More »

19 Summer Tips From Special Needs Parents

 special needs summer tips


1. Timelines

Visual timelines are really important during the holidays, as every day is different.   Get a calendar for the holiday and use photographs of who is visiting and where you are going.  Try and stick to some kind of routine e.g. visits out are always in the afternoon, or a soft play center is always on the same weekday.

2. Leisure time planner

We have a leisure time planner for our eldest so that he can do things in one hour rotations, otherwise he would spend all day doing exactly the same thing during the holidays.

3. Go for picnics

Eating out on vacations can be quite difficult for us. Instead we have lots of picnics – lovely countryside and weather helps! Picnics are easier to… Read More »

1,500-mile bike ride aims to benefit special-needs children


Through nine states and 25 cities, through blistering heat, torrential downpours and rough roads, come what may, 11 women will pedal 1,500 miles along the east coast for four weeks.

Their goal: to raise awareness for special-needs children.

The starting line Sunday morning was at the Friendship Circle of Miami in Pinecrest, 8700 SW 112th St., where the women took their positions behind a blue ribbon to begin their journey. Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner cut the ribbon at about 10 a.m. and the bikers took off in the first-ever women’s Bike 4 Friendship, a cycling trip to promote Friendship Circle’s mission. A proclamation from the mayor dubbed June 30 “Bike 4 Friendship Day.”

The international organization… Read More »

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