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What Parents Do During A Meltdown


What to do during a meltdown“Just calm down.”

“Snap out of it!”

“Stop screaming!”

“What is wrong with you?  Are you high on something?”


“Pull yourself together!”

“Serenity now!”

“Act normal for a change!”

We all know the wrong things to say during a loved one’s meltdown.  But what’s the right thing to say or do – or is it better to say and do nothing during a meltdown?

This has been on my mind ever since my 6 year old son told me to remain quiet and calm during his older brother’s meltdown.  “Talking makes him more upset, Mom.”

What to do during a meltdown

But I have the urge… Read More »

Enbrighten: A Reading Comprehension Game for Children with Special Needs

 Enbrighten Reading Comprehension

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the CEC conference in Grand Rapids. While at the conference, I attended a session entitled, “Sane and Savvy Strategies for the Busy Teacher.” While at this session, I listened to the presenters, Erika Lusky and Julie Rains, share a comprehension game called Enbrighton that they created to help students with special needs better understand what they read and develop higher level thinking when discussing a book.

About Enbrighten

EnbrightenEnbrighten™ is an engaging and thought-provoking comprehension game designed to empower students with the tools necessary to approach and ultimately understand both narrative and informational text. This strategy emboldens students… Read More »

Five Tips for Easing Your Child's Transition Back to School

 Back to school transitionsRemember that old back to school commercial with the mom floating down the aisle of the office supplies store while the holiday classic “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” played? I never really appreciated that commercial until I became a parent and prepared to send my own child back to school after a long summer break.


For some children, heading back to school can bring up feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Here are a few ways to better prepare your child with Special Needs.

1. School visit

During the weeks leading up to the first day, many teachers can be found setting up their classrooms and are often happy to receive visits and even some help from students. Walking around the school, seeing… Read More »

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