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A Message for Rosh Hashanah

Let me begin with a story:

Chassidic Master Rabbi Simchah Bunim of Pshische was walking along a riverbank in the city of Dantzig, when he saw a man swimming deep in the peaceful waters. 

Suddenly, a powerful wind blew tall waves that rose high near the man, and caught by surprise he lost his balance. Help me, I'm drowning! The Jew's piercing shrieks tore Reb Bunim's heart, but the Rebbe didn't know how to swim, and for miles around there wasn't another soul in sight. All he could do was watch.  The Jew struggled and fought valiantly to save his life, yet too soon, the forceful waves drained him from his energy, and Reb Bunim saw how the man succumbed. He appeared ready to die. The Rebbe shouted with all his might: "My… Read More »

7 Steps for Making a Smooth Transition Back to School

 Back to School - special needs

I’m sitting here waiting on pins and needles for my younger son’s teacher assignment and my older son’s middle school schedule to arrive.  I never really know if the teachers’ personalities will be a good match for my children’s needs.

One thing I do know is how to reduce my children’s anxiety to make the transition as smooth as possible for the new school year.  When their anxiety is manageable, their teachers are able to work with them more easily and develop a trusting relationship with them.  Here are my seven steps to start the school year on the right foot.


1. Play on the playground

We ride our bikes to the school playground as often as possible during the summer.… Read More »

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