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The first of many in-person events- Summer Carnival 2021

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    The end-of-the-year celebratory Summer Carnival on June 13th was a joyous in-person event for all friendship circle families to enjoy. The event was meant to take place outside, however rainy weather forced a last minute change of location to the SJCC on Mercer Island. The infamous Bubble Man gave a much anticipated bubble show producing squeals and giggles from audience members. Inside the SJCC gym, volunteers set up a dozen booths with fun games, activities and prizes. The in-person event felt like a celebration of the end of a long year of isolation which was especially difficult for families with special needs children. 

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    Throughout the pandemic, Friendship Circle of Washing… Read More »

7 books that feature characters with disabilities


It’s important that children feel represented in the shows they watch and the books they read. It’s equally important for all children to be exposed to the beautiful diversity of our world. We’ve rounded up 7 books that feature characters with disabilities that promote representation and inclusivity. 


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1. The Animal Boogie, Debbie Harter

Kids of different cultural backgrounds and physical disabilities meet animals in the jungle in this lively book. 


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2. Susan Laughs, by Jeanne Wills

Susan Laughs is an award winning book that uses simple rhymes to show Susan laughing, playing, being scared, working hard, and more. Wills depicts Susan as a little girl who … Read More »

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