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14 Things Every Special Needs Parent Needs to Hear

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All of our Friendship Circle parents are amazing. Being a parent of a child or teen with special needs is extremely challenging and requires patience, sacrifice, and humility. Our FC parents tackle these challenges with such grace and sometimes they forget how incredible they are. That’s why we’ve created a list of things that every special needs parent needs to hear. 


#1. You are not alone 

There probably will not be another parent that has a child with the exact same diagnosis as yours. However, we are sure there are parents experiencing similar challenges. So, make sure to find those parents. Look on Facebook or join support groups. Just make sure to create a network of people who can support you … Read More »

New Year's Resolutions Special Needs Parents Should Make

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It’s that time of year again where we wipe the slate clean and make a list of things we want to achieve in the new year. For parents with children and teens with special needs, they often forget to prioritize themselves in their New Year's resolutions. Having a child with special needs takes a lot of time and energy and requires someone to be selfless. However, if the parent is not at their best, then their children won’t be either. That’s why for this year we have come up with some resolutions that will prioritize the parents and their needs so that everyone in the family will have a happy and healthy new year.


#1: Make a list of backup babysitters/caregivers

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Are you worried about what you&rsquo… Read More »

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