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The Passover Message of Today!

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One of our great sages was Rabbi David ben Solomon, known as Radvaz. He was one of those exiled from Spain in 1492 during the period of the Spanish Inquisition. Radvaz was asked the following question: A Jew had been cruelly imprisoned by the local nobleman, and after much pleading the nobleman agreed to release him from jail for one day each year.  The Jew was now in a quandary, what day should he choose? Perhaps it should be Passover, so that during the holiday of freedom he can join with his family and community? Or maybe it should be Chanukah, the festival of lights? Or the day of his Birthday…


The Radvaz responded that he should seize the first possible opportunity to leave prison and engage in a… Read More »

Tips on How to be a Better Friend to Someone with Special Needs


Friendships with a person with special needs are no different than friendships with anyone else. You hang out and do fun activities together, you support each other, you tell each other about your likes and dislikes, and work together to get through times of conflict. However, being a friend to someone with special needs does require paying attention to underlying assumptions and stereotypes that could come across as harmful. Here are some tips for how to maintain healthy and mutually satisfying friendships between a “typical” person and a person with special needs. 


#1. Make sure events and activities you do together are fully accessible


When you don’t have to worry about accessibility… Read More »

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