Meet Volunteer Superstar Marina Prossin!

Tuesday, 1 February, 2022 - 2:35 pm


We’re starting up the volunteer spotlights again! This week we’re highlighting Marina Prossin. Marina is a sophomore at Sammamish High School and has been volunteering with us for 5 years. Her big smile and positive attitude are so contagious and we love how compassionate she is with the participants. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication Marina! We’re so lucky to have you. 

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Interview Questions 

What school do you go to and what grade are you in? 

I go to Sammamish High School and I’m a sophomore. 

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I’m on the swim team and I’m a part of Key Club. It’s a community service club. 

How long have you been volunteering with Friendship Circle? 

I started doing the MVP program when I was in 6th grade so this will be my fifth year volunteering. 

What made you want to volunteer? 

I just really like helping people and making an impact in a person’s life so it seemed like something I would be interested in doing. Also, my sister volunteered at Friendship Circle and I always looked up to her for that. 

How has Friendship Circle impacted your life?

It helps me become a better person in society because I’ve learned about different people’s perspectives on how they look at the world which is really important. Friendship Circle is such a positive place and I love how it helps spread positivity and friendship throughout the community. 

What have you learned from volunteering at Friendship Circle? 

I’ve learned so much. First, I’ve learned how to be patient. Your buddy is always different and they may have a good day or a bad day so learning how to be patient has really helped me engage with them. I’ve learned a lot about being kind to everyone and spreading kindness throughout the world.  

What’s been your favorite FC program so far?

I love Sunday Circle. It’s something that I look forward to and I always feel so much better after going. Even if I’m having a bad day or I’m really tired I still end up going to Sunday Circle and it just makes me feel so happy to be around all of these amazing people who are all trying to do the same thing as I am. It’s such a positive place and it always starts my week off on a good note. 

If you could describe Friendship Circle in one word what would it be? 




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