The Passover Message of Today!

Thursday, 14 April, 2022 - 2:29 pm

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One of our great sages was Rabbi David ben Solomon, known as Radvaz. He was one of those exiled from Spain in 1492 during the period of the Spanish Inquisition. Radvaz was asked the following question: A Jew had been cruelly imprisoned by the local nobleman, and after much pleading the nobleman agreed to release him from jail for one day each year.  The Jew was now in a quandary, what day should he choose? Perhaps it should be Passover, so that during the holiday of freedom he can join with his family and community? Or maybe it should be Chanukah, the festival of lights? Or the day of his Birthday…


The Radvaz responded that he should seize the first possible opportunity to leave prison and engage in a mitzvah that cannot be done in jail, because when one has that opportunity one should not put it off.  The most important day of the year is TODAY!


We live for a purpose, and we are truly alive when we fulfill that purpose.  As Jews, we are summoned by G-d to be a holy nation, partnering with the Creator to perfect the world by doing one more mitzvah today than we did yesterday, because yesterday’s mitzvah was yesterday’s mission, but today brings newer and greater abilities.


By conducting ourselves with integrity and with graciousness, by bringing sensitivity to our relationships, by radiating beauty from our homes, by using words to heal and not to hurt, every one of us can sanctify G-d’s name in the world.


In Literature and Dogma, Matthew Arnold, the great poet and essayist, writes: "As long as the world lasts, all who want to make progress in righteousness will come to Israel for inspiration, as to the people who have had the sense for righteousness most glowing and strongest."


You see, the world today thirsts for direction and true leadership. Seldom in the past have the opportunities been greater or the stakes so high. For the first time in many, many years we live in free society in which Jews have the opportunity to participate in all political, ethical and cultural processes. This is a time when Judaic virtues are admired by non-Jews. We are praised for our strong community life, the warmth of the Jewish family, our passion for education, and our commitment to philanthropy. This means that we have the chance to be an outstanding voice in the moral conversations of mankind.


G-d's name becomes sanctified when those who claim to have a relationship with Him use their faith to influence their lives. TODAY each and everyone of us can experience our personal exodus and true freedom, and at the same time help those that are presently in unfortunate and challenged circumstances, and share with them the gift of freedom!


Happy and Kosher Passover!

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky

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