At Friendship Circle, our Volunteers are our everything. They give endlessly of themselves, whether its their time, patience, or days off - now its our chance to give back to them. Our Leadership Board has given us the valuable feedback that we need more Volunteer-only events! 

Last year, we launched a new VOLUNTEER ONLY program called JAM - Jewish Action in Motion, in partnership with a grant from the Samis Foundation.

So what is JAM?

  • JAM is an hour and a half of teens having a great time together!

  • There is different series throughout the year to join and start "JAM'in" 

  • JAM creates a positive and exciting teen community 

  • There is an engaging and inspiring educational experience with the mission of gaining a deeper understanding of their heritage. 

  • We help teens understand and explore the wonders of Judaism and see how its beauty is relevant in their daily lives.

  • Fun, educational and interactive learning that will leave you thirsty for more!! 

Stay tuned for upcoming Teen JAM dates!

Special Thanks to the Samis Foundation for making this unique program possible!