Friends@Home Idea Box


If you are a Friends@Home buddy and are stuck... looking for an idea, a craft, a game. All you need will be here. Check back for updates!

1) Grab a CD and move your feet to the beat!

2) Blow up balloons; then hit it back and forth to a tune.

3) Grab some blankets, pillows, and chairs and build a secret fort or hideout!

4) Play some of your favorite old computer games if it rains!

5) Float a boat...fill the tub with water to see which items float- try a rock, penny, button, stick, leaf, sponge and a bar of soap.

6) Build a Lego city- how high can you go?

7) Make a puppet show, without the stage fright!

8) Do a puzzle together and watch all the pieces of fun fit.

9) Play Hide-n-Go seek, lettin' em peek!

10) Make a necklace out of beads or macaroni - uncooked please! 

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